Correspondents with Nick

In the wake of the London Riots, my Local MP; Nick de Bois, sent letters to everyone in my area giving out his party’s narrative of why these riots happened, which went thus.

Thursday August 11th 2011

Dear Resident,

A Number of people in your road have contacted me regarding the dreadful scenes that occurred in Enfield Town on Sunday night, and the riots and looiting across London since.

I was in Enfield Town from about 6pm on Sunday evening. The scenes that residents and I witnessed of people with their faces covered intent on attacking the police and local shops were as shocking as they were surprising.

The vast majority of these people were not from Enfield. This was organised criminal activity. People had come from other parts of London and elsewhere after being co-ordinated via social media and mobile phone. It was telling that vandals fleeing from the police would run back though side streets to get into their suped-up cars and leave to meet up elsewhere. it is difficult to see how anyone could argue this was some kind of uprising for a frustrated, deprived underclass. That fact that people have gone out to commit organised criminal acts to capitalise on the awful events in Tottenham at the weekend is deplorable.

My friendly local advocate of excessive violence

I want to pay tribute to the bravery and professionalism of the police, who did and will no doubt continue to do a superb job in in minimising the damage to our neighbourhoods. There have so far been over 750 arrests in London and I am adamant that anyone convicet of the crimes commited in the past ew days must be sent to prison. I have called publicly for the Government to bring in the millitary to protect our fire services so they can deal with burning buildings without fear of attack, and for water cammon to be made available. 

Parliament has been called for an emergency session today. I hope to have the opportunity to speak to convey the frustration and anger of residents at the awful events of the past few days. The police have launched Operation Withern to investigate the disorder and violence across London and anyone with information should call the major investigation team on 020 8345 4142. The long arm of the law must reach  those responsible for these appalling acts. 

Yours sincerly, 

Nick de bois MP.

This Annoyed me for several reasons, one which I didn’t mention in my reply to this letter was the statement that Nick is all for the police driving what amount to tanks with highly pressurised water cannons, driving around our streets with the ability to do this to people as though they are an occupying army, without any justification or explanation. Apparently we all want police to fire at people behind bulletproof glass.

The effects of Water cannon on a German protester

But anyway, I was not particularly moved to act, this was Just another Tory stating opinions as facts just in case you had any pesky opinions of your own. The impetus for me writing this particular post was when David Cameron decided he would go insane and call for ridiculous draconian measures, well in excess of what you could possibly need to put down a riot. I then saw the grotesque story of Ursula Nevin, a woman who was given six months for wearing a pair of looted shorts, as well as other ludicrous overreactions on the part of the Judiciary, goaded by the political classes and the media. So I decided, in the tradition of Rick from the young ones, too write to my local MP.

Tuesday 16th August 2011

Dear Mr De Bois,

                As a local resident  I appreciated that you took the time to assure us regarding the disturbances last week in your letter of August 11th. No one can deny that these events have been a catastrophe for both Enfield and other areas of London.

                However, I find the opportunistic, politicised nature of your correspondence distasteful and unhelpful in this time of delicate social tension and obvious social division. I am further concerned regarding your leaders statement on the shutting down of social networks during “social unrest”, a move that would put us in a group solely consisting of despotic regimes under siege; a move I can only hope you detest and fear as much as anyone who believes in democracy has to.

Your contemptuous dismissal of the very idea that there could be any social problems behind the otherwise random events troubles me greatly as in doing so you have given the impression that you lack an inquiring mind or the courage to face up to the social problems that clearly lead to the framing of the criminality that took place close to my home. I hope this is not true and that you support the setting up of a full independent inquiry, into the social, economic and any other causes that might of contributed to the events of last week.

On another tangent I would wish to bring to your attention the unpleasant case of Ursula Nevin; a woman who has been disproportionately punished with five months in jail for wearing shorts costing no more than £10.00. Considering the mechanised nature of the courts in both Manchester and London, I cannot– and seriously doubt you can – believe that this woman was granted fair trial. In the climate of random anger I would request that you do the brave thing and speak out for this woman, who has clearly been the victim of hysteria and vengeance; something I hope never to see so blatantly displayed in British judicial system.

I would agree with you and your party that it was a lack of respect that for the past 6 years at least once a week someone under the age of 20 has died violently in Britain, in the past twelve years deaths in police custody has averaged out to about one a month without any action being taken against constables, Black and Asian youths are still stopped and searched at an obscenely higher level than their white counterparts. I believe these aspects of our society have to be in any honest inquiry into the riots.

I would be grateful for a reply on your current position regarding this.


Matthew Francis Taylor

I await a Reply


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